Yoga Teacher Training in Reviews

I had such a wonderful experience going to Yoga Bhawna Mission; the location is absolutely breath taking with the flowing ganga river and the mountain view it is an absolute escape from the busy city. The teaching program, the staff and food were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to coming back to visit or to work maybe :) a big thank you to the Yoga Bhawna Mission team!

Amanda Goudreau

It was really unforgettable experience. While back to study tour with my group they decided TTC program at the world capital of yoga and I was little reluctant when I saw this place as it was little far from rishikesh and we planned in so hurry but thanks to YBM team that they have arranged the complimentary pickup from airport. It is an awesome place with river facing room that too Holy Ganges and Himalaya hills at surrounding. It really gives u calm n serene surrounding effect to your mediation & practice. I had never been to such place before. Our veteran teacher ,kitchen staff….smiling face of Amar ready to serve always and funny part when he practice yoga with us, the garden lady and her small daughter…I don’t know how many things I have in my memory to fold. The morning session was little tiring as it always get stretched then the scheduled time but then we were here for study tour and not for leisure. Learning philosophy was little boring initially but gradually I realize Yoga is not only about physical exercise which we see here in US but Indians have a different meaning of it and certainly it helped me taking this world after with a different perception after this tour. I wish I could have stretched my holiday

Gautam Paatel

Amazing location, amazing teacher and amazing experience..What else one can ask for TTC Thirty days and its passed like it was yesterday..The continuous flow of river Ganges…mystic cloud on the hills was like every day magical…I will certainly miss the group ,teachers the kitchen staff mainly Bhola who prepared some time customized food for us ..Hatha class was amazing and I think I have definitely learn a lot on my balancing.. Our outdoor excursion was certainly a life time memory and now I believe why Himalaya is abode for all the Yogis..Definitely this place has some positive it a Teachers..Their culture..There objective..There teaching techniques..This session was a life turning moment for me…I feel more evolve...a better me…Thank you for every thing