Yoga For Beginner

If you are new to Yoga then certainly the obvious question strikes to mind that how to start and explore this unique science of living ‘YOGA’. Although there is numerous things to learn and explore in the tradition of ‘YOGA’ and for a beginner it can be dilemmatic situation and the best way is to start simply with blank frame of mind so that there should be enough space inside of your soul to accept and experience the benefit and power of yoga.

The human body is equipped with both negative and positive energy and practicing YOGA will suppress the negative energy in gradual course of time, but as a beginner the first thing which is going to help you is your inner self determination and belief of the significance of this science and once you dipped yourself and surrender to this unique science you will start experiencing the positivity and strength, your inner soul will automatically drive for this journey.

As a beginner one should not jump in to rigorous and difficult Ashanas rather a beginner should start working on breath and its control. In our ancient book breath is termed as Pran Vayu which means life force and one who have control the breath will empower his body for the later part of Ashanas .

Four Easy Steps for Beginner

Secret Of Breathing
Basic Ashanas

The Four easy step and guideline for beginner is ...
1. Learning about breathing technique (Secret of Breathing)
2. Meditation and Dhyana
3. Basic Ashanas
4. Shavasana(Relaxation Pose)

1/-Secret of Breathing - According to our ancient yogis ‘PRANA’ refers to the life force where as ‘AYAMA’ is the expansion or regulation, hence the mystery of controlling or regulating of life force is ‘PRANAYAMA’. The participant will practice PRANAYAMA’ by purifying the body through breaths, Ashanas, appropriate diet and Kriyas. From ancient time it’s been proved that controlling of the inhalation and exhalation of breath, purifies and cleans the individual body and can calm the agitated mind and body. Read More ..

2/ Meditation and Dhyana- Many scholars have their own definition of Mediatation ,some correlate with concentration, and some state with the ideal state of mind and taking a moment to sit calmly away with environment, many of the researcher define it by slowing down the incessant activity of mind, but In Yoga meditation is well defined as when the human mind is in the state of awareness at its highest level. There can be many ways to do the meditation but the prime goal is to attain the awareness and awakens of mind in the state of profound piece. Read More ..

3/- Basic Ashanas - One can start with light and warm up Ashanas This can be set of few basic Ashanas and simple postures which will help to control the movements and will strengthen the nerves ,muscles and various organs, it will also regularize the blood supply to our body. Read More ..

4/-Shavasana(Relaxation Pose) The name Shavasana is derived from Sanskrit word Shava means corpse and Ashana means posture, hence the science behind this is Ashana is to attain the stage where your body becomes zero and in complete rest. Many of us have not realized that we take breath from chest and neck which is not correct way and best and prominent way is to take breath from abdomen. When we grow older we develop this irregularity of breathing although when we are child or in stress free we breathe from abdomen .The Yogic breath with combination of neutralizing all body in a zero stage can be well defined as Shavashana and the objective is to releases stress from human body. It also relaxes the body and mind, giving a sense of well being. Read More ..

At YOGA BHAWNA MISSION we have beautifully crafted this two weeks FOUNDATION COURSE IN YOGA which will not only help the students to understand the philosophy of yoga but also boost them mentally and physically .After completing the Yoga Beginner Course, we suggest to continue with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to develop and improve the further practice for the self awareness or can be persuaded for teachers training course.

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