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Yoga Teacher Training in India
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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Bhawna Mission

Although the significance of Yoga is so comprehensive and extensive that no one till date has able to define the exact depth of its intensity and usefulness for the human kind but according to various guru and rishis who have been practicing this unique science from long time has given an aesthetic and beautiful definition and how practicing yoga plays an important role in today’s modern world for the benefit of human kind.

Although Yoga in today’s world considered more as Pilates but in actual Yoga is not only about physical strength and flexibility but also plays the important role for strengthen the inner soul of human body in respect of calmness, mental stability, spirituality, inner strength, better intuition and better reflex system.

Many researcher and Yogis have scientifically proved that how a human body when practice yoga in correct manner and under trained guru has miraculously achieved the highest level of physical strength which not only help to resist with physical challenge, illness and immunity but also helps magically for attaining highest grade of mental piece.

We at Yoga Bhawna Mission understand the significance of Yoga in today’s modern world and have raised the slogan to make it reach and teach to everyone in its most original and indigenous way.

There has been concrete and significant clue that Yoga has been originated from India some 6000 BC and our Yoga teachers have strictly followed the script of yoga written as on our Vedas and has tried to simplify it so that it can be accessible to common people.

Although Yoga Teacher Training in India is a natural tradition because of its origin in India and has also evolved during the course of time. India has produced some great Yoga teachers who have bought this unique science of living accessible not only to Indians but to rest of world.

Professional Yoga courses in India during 19th century become popular that people across all world start flooding to this beautiful land of yoga to learn yoga in its most ancient way.

Yoga Bhawna Mission emphasize on Yoga instructor training in India and the basic script of Yoga written in our Vedas and Upanishad and the motto is to derive it most friendly way so that it can be practiced my volume of people without losing the essence of its originality. The philosophy of professional yoga teacher training at Yoga Bhawna Mission would have not been completed without the support learned yoga guru and thus Yoga Bhawna Mission emphasize on hiring of best of Yoga Teachers.

Our Yoga teachers are of best of credential and have proven track record both nationally and internationally. Yoga Bhawna Mission not only promote and propagate social, intellectual, ethical, cultural and spiritual renaissance at all levels but also believe in spreading this unique science across the world in its most efficient and affordable way so that it can be access to everyone. we groom the holistic development of the students’ which is being successfully carried out by the dedicated contribution of skilled, efficient and competent faculty members as a mission of Yoga Teacher Training.

A good number of students have got placement in various related fields like yoga teaching, therapy, counseling and management.

Our Yoga Teacher Training school trained the participant in most ancient Indian way and yet with a modern approach. We are one of the best yoga teacher training school of India, invite all the people of universe to experience the joy of life by practicing YOGA .

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